Lyle Ritz
Most of us have listened to Lyle Ritz playing the bass. He recorded hundreds of hits with stars like Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, The Beach Boys, Herb Alpert and many others. In the ukulele world he is known as the master of Jazz ukulele. He already recorded ukulele Jazz albums in the late 50s and became an idol for all ukulele Jazz fans. Lyle Ritz plays a RISA-Uke-Solid-Tenor.

James Hill www.ukulelejames.com

James Hill is considered one of the most exciting ukuleles players in the world: “The Uke-Solid gets attention wherever and whenever I play shows. It sounds great and looks totally unique. So much sound in such a little package! It's great for practicing quietly, but this little solid is also great on stage. The Uke-Electric is a one-of-a-kind uke with a one-of-a-kind sound. I can use it's amazing sustain for serene, lyrical effects or cut up on a clean solo line just as easily. A brilliant addition to any uke pallet.“ His new CD “A Flying Leap” features the RISA-Electric-Tenor on Jimi Hendrix’ “Little Wing”.

https://www.ukulele.de/shop4/my_audio/audio.gifUke-Solid-Soprano, Uke-Electric-Tenor

Götz Alsmann www.goetz-alsmann.de

”I love the harmony of design and sound”. Götz is talk-master in the German comedy TV-show “Zimmerfrei!” He is a multi-instrumentalist, who feels home in TV, radio and on stage. Götz played a Uke -Electric on his last two CDs. He plays a Uke-Acoustic-Soprano during his stage performances and a Uke-Acoustic-Concert in his TV-show Zimmerfrei!

Stefan Raab www.tvtotal.de

He is the man who made the ukulele popular in Germany. In his comedy TV-show ‘tvtotal’ he plays songs on ukuleles with popular politicians, musicians, actors and artists . From James Brown to Angus Young, many well-known international stars played with him and his uke. We sent Stefan two Uke-Solids and asked him to sign one of them for our collection.

Till Vogelgesang www.tillvogelgesang.de

I chose the Tenor TE Style out of all the great ukuleles that I was allowed to play in the Risa showroom. It sounds clear, brilliant, crisp, funky and is very well suited for pop productions to cover the heights. But even without a band she sounds great. Through my Fender Princeton Reverb with reverb and tremolo, I get a soft, spherical sound that adds a punch to my vocals. The workmanship is high quality, so the "Telelele" looks great and feels comfortable in your hand. My thanks to Rigk Sauer for this great instrument.

Bob Brozman www.bobbrozman.com

Bob Brozman began playing the guitar when he was six. He performed gypsy jazz, calypso, blues, ragtime, Hawaiian music, and Caribbean music and collaborated with musicians from India, Africa, Japan, Papua New Guinea, and Réunion. He has been called "an instrumental wizard" and "a walking archive of 20th Century American music". Brozman toured often in North America, Europe, Australia, Asia, and Africa. He recorded numerous albums and won the Guitar Player Readers' Poll three times for Best Blues, Best World, and Best Slide Guitarist.

https://www.ukulele.de/shop4/my_video/video.gif Uke-Solid-Concert

Steve Espaniola www.stevenespaniola.com

“The Uke-Electric is truly an incredible instrument. Part ukulele part guitar, I get the best of both worlds in one instrument. It is unmatched in its tonal possibilities and there is no other electric ukulele out there that can produce the spectrum of colors that the Uke-Electric paints. I continue to receive musical inspiration from this little wonder each time I pick it up."


Brad Jones www.boulderacousticsociety.net

Ukulele and Guitar innovator regularly plays with Colorado's very own Boulder Acoustic Society. Brad's virtuosic chops and innovative approach have put him in front of music fans across the States and into Canada. "The Uke-Electric is outstanding! This uke feels like a tiny vintage strat. I love it. It has a strong powerful sound that cuts well through a group. I was in love with it from the beginning. Every guitarist needs one of these!

Alexander Grigoriev www.scheidenabch.ru

"If you wanna really amaze your spectators - Uke’Ellie is your choice! A million tricks are available here: you can play pizzicato through the soundhole (maybe it looks too erotic, but it shocks you deadly), thanks to the great sustain, you can use any digital FXs to loop or reverse the sound and so on. But my brandnew invention and my special proudness is a violin bow playing. I developed this technique especially for the “Paganini’s moan” theme of Scheidenbach. If you’ve ever tried to play uke with the bow, you can imagine how difficult it is, however the unique Ellie’s shape gives you unlimited freedom for experiments

Tornadic Ukulele www.tornadicukulele.com

Warren P. Cox: "As Tornadic Ukulele, we are seriously play alternative music using electric Ukulele. The RISA semi-hollow is above all others the best Ukulele for this. Although at times I may be a bit rough on this little guy, the tuning and intonation always stay perfect. I also play the Tenor Uke-Solid using it’s incredible electronic versatility. If you are going to seriously play the electric Ukulele, then you need a RISA"


Tim Sweeney

“The red semi-hollow body electric turns heads like a '57 Chevy. People can't believe it when they hear it. I run it through a Roland Micro Cube (as a pre-amp) and it wails!
I have two RISA acoustic tenor cutaways also (one custom). They get very high marks for tone, intonation and playability. When I tell people I play jazz electric ukulele, they can't imagine it. When they see these ukes, they know they are going to hear something a little bit different. After they hear them, I get what it is I am in this for — the ukulele being taken seriously by people listening to music they don't expect to hear being played on it.”

https://www.ukulele.de/shop4/my_audio/audio.gifUkeElectric-Tenor, Uke-Acoustic-Tenor

Manitoba Hal www.manitobahal.com

“I love my RISA soprano Uke-Electric first and foremost for its sound. The quality of the sound is impressive. I also enjoy the fact that it can be amplified and modified (via effects) in a variety of ways. I play live blues in loud pub situations and needed a uke that wouldn’t feed back and that could be heard without feedback. This is one LOUD & PROUD UKE!”


Andreas David

A multi-instrumentalist at home in any musical genre, the celebrated solist and much requested sideman Andreas David is a real Jack of all Trades. Not content with his outstanding prowess as a guitar-, mandolin- and ukulele-player, he has developed in one of the outstanding banjo virtuosos in Europe. An all-round musician of considerable talent. Andreas plays regulary with groups such as Geschwister Pfister, Larry Schuba’s Country Classic Circus, the Hot String Quintet and to square the stylistic circle - the Berlin Hot Jazz Band.

https://www.ukulele.de/shop4/my_audio/audio.gifGuitar-Solid, Uke-Solid-Soprano

Ralph Shaw "The King of Ukulele" www.ralphshaw.ca

“I am mostly known as a traditional performer and have been surprised and delighted at the versatility of the uke-solid. This is my first electric instrument and I haven't felt such a sense of discovery since I got my first uke. Combining the uke-solid with electronics makes for an exciting array of sounds and performance possibilities of which I have only just begun to scratch the surface.” You can find Ralph Shaws DVDs in this shop.

Mark Ochhionero www.jazzukes.de

My Uke-Solid-Tenor is the greatest. It sounds as beautiful as it looks, and is a real show stopper. I play the instrument in many of my musical projects. I use the instrument progressive youth ministry church group '4U' in which I participate, plays Blues real cool at a blues open microphone (www.bluesnight.net), and I love the way it sound as a Jazz instrument too. It is also a great practice instrument (especially when you wake up at 3:00 AM with inspiration). Everyone should have at least one.


Giora Herzberg

“As a mandolin player who travels a lot, I noticed the Uke-Solid and asked Rigk to modify it to a Mando-Solid. He came up with a mandola tuning having a "long" mandolin scale, and together with the Mini-Amp I can now enjoy it and practice anywhere I go. But when plugged to an acoustic amplifier, it produces amazing sound, different from the Acoustic Mandolin or Electric Mandolin sounds, and which is equally admired by musicians and other listners. I believe that every mandolin player will find the Mando-Solid a very satisfying instrument.”

https://www.ukulele.de/shop4/my_audio/audio.gifUke-Solid-Soprano (Mandolin tuning)

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